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Funny, I had recently decided I need a break from green at home, but I really love it with the blue, especially in that first photo.

Fifi Flowers

LOVING this post! The colour combos are FAB! I wold love the sit in the second to the last photo and read all day!
Bon week-end!


Blues and greens combined always look so fresh.


Recently became a new foollwer and so glad I found your blog (: I look forward to coming back for future posts!These photos feel like home! A beautiful collection of loved pieces lovingly put together to encourage hospitality and comfort. I love it when people use items they cherish to decorate a space instead of just going for a particular look. When we decorate our spaces with things we love, it reflects our own spirit and naturally puts others at ease. Your blog feels much the same way (:MicheleXOXO

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