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Fifi Flowers

These rooms are GREAT! I can't wait to redo my library/guest room/TV room for the kids at the moment... need to move kids to garage playroom... thanks for the inspiration and feel of overwhelm... le sigh!


I would love a library in my next house.....full of cooking and design books. Thanks for sharing!


How surprising that the photo from House Beautiful actually includes shelves which are crammed full and dare I say, a little messy? And yet the overall look is still very appealing, which is great to see. This seems like a very authentic room - I can believe someone actually lives like this! :)

Misti of Studio M Designs

I cannot get enough of a great bookshelf unit! I like them painted, stained, or just a lovely white. I tend to always add more artwork and accessories than books, but I love the library look too.


Mrs. Petrie

We love our home library. I even enjoy cleaning it! I'm looking for additional places to put shelves in my house.

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