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Eileen @ Star's Fault

Hi Arlene ~ Thank you so much for stopping by Star's Faul to visit! Your post is lovely and I am doing the same thing, moving out the wintery colors and bringing in the Sprin... even if it is not technically Spring here! You posted a picture of my favorite flower - carnations! Love the spicy scent ~

Blessings~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

maya | springtree road

i love pink and green too. my 3yo girl is about to have a new bedroom - she wants it painted purple, but all her stuff is pink and green. not sure how i'm going to work that all in together, but i'll find a way. :)


Love the pinks and green, so springy.
Thanks for Sharing!


I just love how elegant the simple carnations look in that last picture... breathtaking!


I'm completely with you regarding the pinks and greens! You should check out my Etsy shop - definite confirmation of my love of color right now! You can find it through my blog if you're interested. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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Happy Spring!

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