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Kim @ Forever Wherever

Thanks for the great tour...I really enjoyed a peek inside the White House!

Mom in High Heels

That is cool. If Laura Bush supervised the redecorating, she has god taste. I have to say, while I'm sure it was very in vogue in the early 60's the Queen's Bedroom (1963) made me gasp with displeasure. The update is lovely though.


I'll agree I think that if Laura Bush had a hand in the choices, she has great taste. I am surprised about some of the choices that Jackie Kennedy made...Robyn

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Arleen, I just LOVED this post! How fun to see how the rooms changed over the decades. Thanks for joining my blog party and showing us these wonderful photos!

Taya @ Delightful!

Thanks so much for sharing those photos! I just love seeing how rooms evolve over the years.

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